Autoinfomotive – 2016 BMW M5 Specs. 2016 BMW M5 as the object of desire of many drivers and unfulfilled dream of many young men shoot will be presented under this name probably next year. After six generations of this model from the beginning of the seventies of the last century up to now this model is luring many sighs. From the new generation is expected the same and more. It is always difficult to keep than to build new position but this with ease manages this German premium brand. The official publication of the emergence of a new 2016 BMW M5 but still no speculation in the market, so many turns to and we write the introductory announcement for this great sport sedan.

2016 BMW M5 Photo

The platform, which is likely to be used with the M5 will still probably be a VCD, but probably improved with the new generation. Changes that will certainly happen is regarding the reduction of vehicle weight. This will be achieved by using lighter composite materials, and aluminum alloys in places where it is realistic. These changes will monitor and improve the exterior in terms of aerodynamics. This will result in better performance and drivability. It will also lead to better handling. Taking into account this fact could conclude that until now were weaknesses, but it certainly is not. So far, the car was just perfect but BMW engineers are still working on advanced training. What to say about the interior. Best leather, superb workmanship combined with the convenience and precision of German technology. Electronic systems and security systems are simply perfect. All of this is on the top level so that no space is left when titles are concerned. This car has so far been perfect but is expected to become timeless. The quality and attractiveness of the M5 testifies the fact that this is the seventh generation of this vehicle.


2016 BMW M5 Engine

The range of BMW engine factory is so wide as to be able to talk about it for days. What will be a concrete choice for the new M5 remains to be seen when it appears on the roads. For now we will mention a few engines that are certain to be found under the hood 2016 BMW M5. The first is the engine of just 1.5 L, and his strength is 150 HP. This little fellow is very agile and as a novelty will be very interesting. Consumption of this engine is 60 mpg to 72 mpg. The strongest version will probably be 4.4 L of volume. Power of this engine is around 600 HP and has eight cylinders. With him as a drive unit M5 will catch up monstrous performance. Instead of this engine may be at the 2016 BMW M5 find less than 6 cylinder engine, which is seen in the new M3. The drive will be optional on the rear or all-wheel drive. The transmission will automatically be probably similar to the previous generation.

The price is likely to rise slightly over its predecessor but probably not significantly. Expected release date of the 2016 BMW M5 will be end of the year.

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2016 BMW M5 Specs