Autoinfomotive – 2016 Kia Soul Review. The release of the Kia Soul model marks the issue of Kia going further on green and imposing its fresh new lineup. This vehicle is compared very well with other small battery powered cars on the market and provides some very good driving characteristics. But what it packs in its bag of surprises is a higher range than all other cars out there. This may just be enough to launch the car into stratosphere and make its population a lot higher.

2016 Kia Soul Release

Yet the car is limited for purchase for only the designated areas. You can buy the Kia Soul EV vehicle only in the areas which have the facilities to charge the battery. The Korean automaker has produced only its second model of the popular Kia Soul vehicle and it is a real pity that it will be able to make an impact on only a few designated areas in the US market. This certainly one of the better 70-mile or 100-mile vehicles on the market and has also a roomier interior and a wider levels of trims offered.

The current Kia Soul gasoline powered vehicle is the one which has been promoted in 2014. This model was used as a base for the EV version but only incorporated a few minor changes and updates to make the car look more contemporary and closer to its electric powertrain. The car has been built on the strengths that the first generation vehicle exemplified while addressing the faults at the same time. Now we have a near perfect vehicle that will attract even more attention than before.


2016 Kia Soul Design

The exterior design of the vehicle was addressed in a very sane fashion. The car provides us with a very nice and handsome design as it holds some pretty good distinguishing features about it. The 2016 Kia Soul EV will have the same boxy look as before but it will build up upon that with many contemporary and modern inclusions to it. The front end of the car has been remodeled considerably as the once bland look has been enhanced with a new grille design. There is even a blanking panel there which contains the port for charging the car.

There is a very nice addition with the design f the roof line. The roof actually looks as it flows over a blacked-out greenhouse. It is more than fashionable this way and very contemporary looking. The front has also been remodeled with the inclusion of some bug eyed headlights the inclusion of which defies the model. While at the back there are some new taillights also added which have LED features. The entire part of the car has been wonderfully redesigned as the incorporated changes bring the best out of this vehicle.

Well the largest change is of course under the hood. This actually means that the 2016 model of the Kia Soul receiving the new and large flat air-cooled lithium-ion battery pack instead of the gasoline powered engine in its stead. The battery has a power at 27 kilowatt-hours which is around 10 % higher than you are able to see in the Nissan Leaf or any other electric car out there. This enables the EPA rating of the Soul model to be 93 miles, which is actually 84 miles higher than the Leaf car. The motor is rated at 81 kilowatts and it provides an output of 109 horsepower and provides quick acceleration and a nice power burst. As you can see from the given specs they numbers tell the story. The car is much more advanced than any other car in the segment and it is where the EV strength lies. The highway range for the car is rated at 92 miles while the city rating is 120 miles.

The inside of the Soul EV car has been adapted to suit well the needs of t passengers. The funky design that these type of vehicles have incorporated in their design has received an upgrade this time and is very appropriate for the inside of this car now. This has been made possible with the use of some high gloss plastics and soft touch materials. The seats have a dual density foam and extended seat cushions which add to the quality and enhance the comfort of the cars. The spacing of the inside is much appropriate as well and it is easy to get in and get out of the car as well.

This comes particularly apparent when going inside the back and as the power seats can be folded down easily it makes this much more possible and easier to do. But with even this amount of spacing inside it is not enough to include three people on the inside of the back seat. It can be a problem when doing this so better stick to driving only with two people at the back. The safety is also very good inside the car and it receives a five star rating from the NHTSA, and this is something which is worth for the electronic versions of the Soul and the gasoline powered ones as well. There are also going to be different trim levels and with the base EV there are also the EV-e and the high end EV+.


2016 Kia Soul Price

The 2016 Kia Soul is going to come out as a EV trim late this year. Expectthe car to be offered pretty soon and the release date to be made official. The price is set at 31,950 USD base MSRP, as the EV-e is 31,950 USD and the EV+ 35,950 USD.

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2016 Kia Soul Review