Autoinfomotive – 2016 Toyota Tundra PriceAs you know that each day brings new experiences so are the global automotive market. Trends are changing and different concepts grow into each other. One of the ever-present all the trends that is already a reality for some time are vans that have become a status symbol. This type of vehicles, cargo essentially is increasingly facing the passengers. It is not uncommon that customers perceive them as a status symbol. This is the case with the truck which we now introduce.

2016 Toyota Tundra Side View

The shift in the design of this model to the attractiveness of the gradual but noticeable. Still there are no essential changes in appearance, although in truth for now this is just a redesigned version. One fact is also very important, boxy and rugged look and characters of this type of vehicle, so the idea of leaders and engineers Toyota. Specific changes in the form of a mild facelift are noticeable on the front cover and mask as well as on the fenders. The lateral lines are not touched but rear light clusters are now much larger and more luxurious impression chamber. Also the somewhat changed the shape of boot space and in the version for the 2016 Toyota Tundra far greater volume. Interior aspect of which would be enough to write but we now keep some basic facts. Interior design is moving in the direction of improvement materials. The overall impression of the design is slightly changed but largely luxuriant. The use of chrome application is intense and this fact as well as improved infotainment system point out that this model is increasingly moving in the direction of care and comfort. The rights improvements are expected for the next version that Toyota saved and who will be a completely new vehicle.

In terms of operation and aggregates have more novelty at the 2016 Toyota Tundra. One of the most important facts and already it has been confirmed that this truck gets Cummnis turbo diesel engine of 5.0 L working volume. Its strength is 300 HP and relieves torque of over 500 pound-feet. This is the engine that will form the basis of the drive even some Japanese models such Nissan Titan. The second engine on which we write is the petrol V8 that has been promoted and is now stronger but with better fuel efficiency. Around this engine, we have only basic announcement that it will be very interesting and a small revolution in the developing world. It remains to be seen in reality.

2016 Toyota Tundra Price

New 2016 Toyota Tundra arrives on the market to find information from the manufacturer in late 2015 or early next year. The price will be similar to the current model that now. Approximately $ 40,000 but will also depend upon the level of equipment.

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2016 Toyota Tundra Price

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