Autoinfomotive – 2017 Lincoln Navigator Specs.  2017 Lincoln Navigator is the best and most luxurious full-size SUV from American factories Ford. This is done by car extent Americans, luxurious, beautiful, comfortable, and high quality and very luxurious. He is a real status symbol of the new world. He appeared on the market in the late 20th century, precisely in 1998. Since then he has had several incarnations and several refresh of the current models. This version will also be a refresh of the current model, a new generation will probably occur in two years.

2016 Lincoln Navigator Front

This improved version will have several directions of change. The most important direction is the use of aluminum and reduces weight while changes will be related to the design. As for the design, we will have a chance to see probably a mild changes LED headlight and bumper. There will be some additional air intakes, or just changes form. These slight changes will also affect the somewhat improved aerodynamics. The use of aluminum is increasing and therefore there is a significant reduction of the total weight of the vehicle. What to say about the interior of the 2017 Lincoln Navigator, it is pure perfection and luxury. Starting with a superb seat, of course, made from the best leather, great sound system, large LCD monitor, everything is simply fantastic. Production is a very precise with attention to detail and materials are pure perfection. All other advanced technologies have enriched this car. Various systems stability control, brake, parking sensors, etc. can be obtained in this SUV. Each piece of Interior 2017 Navigator exudes incredible luxury, maybe even too much.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Release Date

The platform on which will be made this beauty is the same. It was Ford MKX platform. A powertrain that comes from gasoline V6 engine will be transferred via automatic transmission practices of the road. The strength of this aggregate is likely to be around 370 HP and torque of 430 Nm. The second unit could be upgraded Ford engine of 3.6 L, and there is some announcement about a possible hybrid facility. But it will probably wait for a new version hybrid generation.

Sale of the 2017 Lincoln Navigator is likely to begin until at least one year, but surely many customers hardly greet this moment. It will be a prelude to a new generation that will occur probably two years later.

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2017 Lincoln Navigator Specs